Barbora Bezděková
Doc. MVDr. Ph.D., Dip.ECEIM


Barbora Bezděková graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno in 2002. Then she started her Ph.D. study focused on equine alimentary tract. Her final thesis was about gastric ulceration in horses and foals in the Czech Republic. The material and methods included gastroscopic evaluation of racing Standardbreds and the gastric ulcer risk factor evaluation. During her Ph.D. study she passed several externships in Austria (Vienna) and Hungary (Budapest). After the successful completion of her Ph.D. (2006) Dr. Bezděkova started to specialize in other topics of equine internal medicine. She worked as a senior assistant and docent at the Equine Clinic at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Brno as a teacher, clinician and researcher.

In 2006 she started her residency at the European College of Equine Internal Medicine at the Equine Clinic Brno. She passed her clinical rotations in Switzerland (Bern), Austria (Vienna) and Great Britain (Rossdales and Partners, Newmarket). Dr. Bezděková successfully passed the ECEIM residency completed by final exam in 2011 and she obtained the title of European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine as the first equine internal medicine boarded specialist in the Czech Republic. At the same time she successfully defended her habilitation thesis and obtained the title Docent.

Her interest in equine internal medicine is mainly in the digestive system, equine emergencies and critical care, endocrinology, clinical pathology and neonatology. She is a founder of the neonatal intensive care unit at the faculty clinic and has significantly improved the foal medicine quality.

Dr. Bezděková is an FEI veterinarian for endurance (***). She is especially active as an endurance treatment veterinarian and is widely experienced in the evaluation and the therapy of endurance syndromes.

Dr. Bezděková has been an invited speaker in many international and national congresses in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. As of December 2015 she has presented 52 international and 22 national lectures. She has written over 120 publications, 25 papers in impact journals, 30 papers in specialized veterinary journals and she is a coauthor of several veterinary books. She is regulary invited as a reviewer in the following journals: Equine Veterinary Journal, Equine Veterinary Education, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Veterinarni Medicina, Acta Veterinaria, World Journal of Gastroenterology, Wiener Tierrarztliche Monatsschrift and Veterinářství. She has been a supervisor of two completed Ph.D. students and ten diploma works. During her continuing education she attends annual ECEIM congresses ad workshops, BEVA congresses, BEVA workshops, SIVE congresses, WEVA congresses, EVECCS etc. every year. Dr. Bezděková passed following practical courses and workshops for boarded equine internal medicine specialists and equine practitioners:

  • Equine Ophtalmology (Diplomate training ECEIM, Helsinki, 2016) 
  • Equine Clinical Pathology (Diplomate training ECEIM, Utrecht, 2015)
  • Equine Intensive Care Workshop, Equine Ophtalmology (ECEIM Workshop, 2014, Praha)
  • CPD Equine Cardiology (BEVA Workshop, Newmarket 2013)
  • Rossdales Foal Care Course (Rossdales and Partners course, Newmarket, 2012)
  • Equine Ultrasonography, Equine Respiratory Cytology (ECEIM Workshop, Le Touquet, 2010)
  • Intensive Care Workshop, Equine Ophtalmology Workshop (ECEIM Workshop, Barcelona, 2009) (foto )

Dr. Bezděková is widely experienced expert witness for equine diseases/disorders.

Equine medical
Jabloňany 77,
679 01 Skalice nad Svitavou
Česká republika
Barbora Bezděková
+420 603 858 524

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